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Powerstroll U Drive

  • Converts a manual chair to a user controlled powerchair.
  • Suitable for Drive Medical Enigma XS Aluminium Self-Propelled Wheelchair or the Enigma XS2 Aluminium Self-Propelled Wheelchair
  • Allows speed of up to 4mph.
  • Up to a 6 mile range.
  • Powerful 150 Watt motor.
  • New push and slide battery.
  • Quickly and easily attached and detached.
  • On or off board charging.
  • Very portable.
  • 2A charger provided as standard for off-board charging.
  • Suitable for both outside and indoor use.
  • If you can manage and are happy with your manual self-propelled chair most of the time, but just get a little tired with prolonged use, longer trips or on inclines, then the U Drive by Drive Medical could be the answer.

    The U Drive twin wheel power pack converts a standard manual wheelchair into a user-controlled power chair. Designed to fit the Drive Medical Enigma XS Aluminium Self-Propelled Wheelchair or the Enigma XS2 Aluminium Self-Propelled Wheelchair with a seat width of 18 inches. Ideal for those who do not need a powered chair all of the time.

    Equally suitable for both indoors and out. Featuring excellent traction ability, maintaining a firm grip of most surfaces. The powerful 150-watt motor provides enough consistent power to help you navigate most hills and slightly rougher terrain without physical exertion.

    With a top speed of 4mph and range of 6 miles on a full charge. The U Drive is very quickly and easily attached and detached, and the handle mounted forward / reverse user controls are simple to operate via a joystick. The 24V 12ah valve regulated sealed lead acid battery pack is Airline friendly, so together with the U Drive's compact size make this a perfect travel solution.

    The battery pack has a unique, push and pull slide battery removable system allowing very easy removal for charging off board. Want to leave your U Drive on your chair for long periods of time without taking it off, or even permanently? No problem with easy onboard charging also available.

    Offering the advantages of choice and maintaining independence, the U Drive is the perfect solution for many who need a little help from time to Time . Eliminating the need to own both a manual and a powered chair. Ideal when space is limited, or your vehicle can not accommodate a larger powered chair. 

  • Model
    Weight capacity
    115kg (18st)
    Total weight
    31kg (67lb)
    Weight w/o battery
    22kg (49lb)
    Weight (battery pack only)
    9kg (19lb)
    Maximum gradient
    Maximum range
    6 Miles (10km)

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