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Smart Lifter

  • Takes the strain out of lifting your scooter or wheelchair into the car
  • Can eliminate the necessity to travel accompanied
  • Lifts a scooter or chair into a vehicle in approximately 60 seconds
  • Multiple options available to accommodate a wide range of scooters and wheelchairs
  • Can be wired or wireless, most hoists have hand-held control units
  • Can sometimes be transferred into a different vehicle
  • Available on the Motability Scheme
  • The Smart Lifter Hoist is the perfect option if your scooter or wheelchair is too heavy for you to lift in and out the car. The Smart Lifter comes in a variety of options, one to suit every need.

    Two-way hoists. These have an up and down action. The user rotates the spreader arm manually. The operator may need to secure the chair or scooter. Some two-way hoists come with securing abilities built in.

    Four-way hoists have up and down and side to side actions. Capable of lifting heavier scooters or chairs. Remains securely attached without assistance.

    Smartlifter Hoists transfer a scooter or chair into a vehicle in approximately 60 seconds, usually via a simple to use hand-held control unit.

    The Smartlifter Hoist range

    LM: SMALL Hoist

    Suitable for smaller, lighter mini scooters, folding travel scooters and small wheelchairs. Available in two weight capacities, 40kg or 80kg boot hoist. Two options. 2-way powered (up/down) or 4-way powered (up/down/in/out). 

    The folding arm has a quick release handle, allowing it to be folded down once the scooter or chair has been lifted into the boot, or when not in use. In addition, the lifting arm can also be detached from its frame, allowing for more boot space, if required.

    LC: MEDIUM Hoist

    Available in 80kg and 100kg options. Suitable for small scooters or chairs and is powered 4 ways to include up/down and in/out functionality. The spreader bar (which fastens the scooter to the hoist) is detachable

    The LC Hoist is a popular choice due to its lifting capabilities while still maintaining a compact design.

    LP: LARGE Hoist

    Available in 100kg, 150kg and 200kg options, enabling larger and heavier power chairs and scooters to be lifted into a vehicle. 4 way powered, (up/down/in/out) with 4 button control.

    The LP is the world’s highest weight capacity vehicle hoist at the present time.

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