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Mushroom Steering Ball

  • Suitable for all vehicles.
  • Available in standard and easily detachable options.
  • Reduces the effort needed to steer.
  • Several designs available.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Available on the Motability Scheme.
  • A simple and very popular device, designed to make steering your vehicle easier when using only one hand on the steering wheel. Often used in conjunction with hand controls that operate the brake and accelerator. One hand always remains on the hand control, either to accelerate or brake, leaving only one hand to steer the vehicle. The steering ball allows safer and greater control over the steering wheel when driving with a single hand, whilst minimising the physical effort needed to rotate the wheel, ideal for those with reduced strength in their arms.

    Steering balls can be fitted to all vehicles and positioned anywhere on the steering wheel, 10 o’clock, 2 o’clock etc. The choice is down to personal preference, the most comfortable driving position, and the firmest grip for the individual. Available as a standard fixed model, which is permanently attached to the wheel in the best position for the driver, or a quick release option.

    The quick release ball can be detached and reattached easily, leaving only the low-profile base clamp in place, allowing steering in the traditional way by another driver. A useful alternative if someone else drives your vehicle on a regular basis. The ball itself does not prevent the car from being steered in the usual manner whilst still in situ, however, some drivers prefer the ball to be detached before driving.

     Fitted onto the steering wheel by means of two bolts and a single clamp and available in selected designs including Ball, Tulip, or Mushroom. Once again, the choice is down to the individual. Each design is ergonomically shaped for the utmost comfort during prolonged use. 

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