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Lightened Power Steering

  • Fully customised to the individual
  • Achievable on most vehicles
  • Reduces the effort needed to steer
  • Suitable for those with reduced strength
  • Suitable for one handed steering
  • Available on the Motability Scheme
  • This popular driving adaptation is ideal for anyone who is finding that turning the steering wheel on their vehicle is too heavy and hard work.

    Lightening the power steering is achieved by removing the vehicle's steering rack/column and modifying it accordingly. Either mechanically or electronically lightening the steering by variable degrees is suitable for most vehicles with hydraulic or electric steering, including hybrid and fully electric models*. Your vehicle does not have to be new to have the steering adjusted in this way.

    Lightened power steering enables drivers with significantly reduced strength, or drivers who need to steer their vehicle using one hand only, to drive without fatigue. The degree of lightness required can be determined through an assessment and the steering altered appropriately. From a minor adjustment to achieving feather light steering, we are able to fully customise steering for each individual driver’s needs This markedly reduces the effort needed to steer to a comfortable level and results in the steering and manoeuvring of a vehicle far easier, especially at lower speeds.

    Please be aware that this adaptation is permanent and not reversible unless the steering column is replaced. A driving assessment is strongly recommended to determine your needs and your vehicle's suitability.

    Please get in touch with us at Driffield Mobility to discuss your requirements.

    * Depending on model 

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