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Space Drive Mini Steering Wheel

  • Fully programmable
  • Custom grip
  • Few limitations on where this can be installed
  • Only 15cm in diameter
  • 3 or 6 turn options
  • The Space Drive II Mini steering wheel is part of the electronically (digitally) controlled input device family for the Paravan Space Drive system. Specifically designed for those who do not have the range of movement needed to turn a standard vehicle steering wheel. The mini wheel input device is small and compact (only 15cm in diameter) providing a safe, accurate and reliable alternative for steering your vehicle.

    Available in two basic formats, a three turn and a six turn. A three-turn Mini Wheel will achieve full lock to lock steering in three turns of the wheel, a six turn will achieve it in six turns of the wheel.

    Each wheel is tailored to the individual’s requirements. Heavier or lighter spring options ensure the steering weight is adjusted to each individuals needs and capabilities. From feather light steering for those with reduced strength to heavier steering for those with less sensitivity in their limbs.

    The Mini Wheel comes with a variety of handle designs, one to suit every preference, including ball, peg and tetra grip, each one ergonomically designed for comfort during prolonged use.

    As part of the Space Drive system , these mini wheel input devices are all completely programmable to the individual user through software and programming. In addition, the Mini wheel can be fitted almost anywhere in the vehicle to enable steering from the most comfortable driving position.

    If required, the Paravan electric gear selector system can be integrated into the Mini Wheel’s base allowing easy access to gear control and steering from a single unit.

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