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Space Drive Joy Stick

  • Fully programmable
  • Custom grip
  • Few limitations on where this can be installed
  • Tailored to individual needs
  • Suitable for those with limited strength and mobility
  • The Space Drive II Joystick is part of the input device family for the Paravan Space Drive system. The joystick’s function is to control the vehicles primary controls from a reliable, user friendly, ergonomic stick. The joystick is available in three basic options for control. 2-way steering, which is configured to control the steering of the vehicle with a full range of steering capabilities. 2-way accelerator and brake, a simple push to brake and pull to accelerate movement (this can be programmed to work on a push to accelerate, pull to brake movement if preferred)

     For those with severely limited mobility there is an innovative 4-way joystick. The vehicles acceleration, braking and steering are all controlled from one single Joy stick. Moving the stick left and right controls steering, forwards and backwards will control the vehicle’s acceleration and braking.

    The Joystick is customised and adjusted to the individual capabilities and strength of the driver. There are a range of springs with varying degrees of tension that are available for each of the options. From a light spring, needing almost zero effort to move the stick, to a heavier spring for those with limited sensitivity.

    To guarantee maximum comfort each Joystick comes in a variety of bespoke grip options, that can be made to a specific length, diameter, and shape using various materials. Each tailored to the individual customer. The “Golf ball” type grips are a popular request, and we will strive to cater for every customer’s wishes.

    If required, a range of secondary controls can be added to operate Indicators, lights, horn, flash and main beam, wipers, hazard lights etc., all within easy reach of the Joystick.

    The Paravan electric gear selector system can also be incorporated into the Joysticks unit. Achieving full vehicle control from a single hub.

    Being part of the Space Drive group means these joystick input devices are all completely adjustable for the individual user through software and programming, helping to maintain maximum comfort and safety.

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