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Space Drive Accelerator - Brake Controller

  • Fully programmable
  • Custom grip
  • Few limitations on where this can be installed
  • Tailored to individual needs
  • The Space Drive II Gas brake lever is part of the input device family for the Paravan Space Drive system. The Gas Brake Lever comes in two basic options: A radial type and a linear type. Although almost identical to look at, they perform in different ways. A radial type rocks back and forth in a pivotal type of motion from one point. The Linea type, which as the name suggests, acts in a straight equal, push and pull motion. Both options perform the same function, it’s down to personal choice and ease of use which one is chosen.

    In addition to the two basic options, each version has springs of different tension weights. Allowing people with varying degrees of strength and sensitivity in their arms to find the perfect tension for them to operate the brake safely and confidently. Fully adjustable to each person’s requirements. From virtually no effort needed, to stiff springs for those with severely reduced sensitivity.

    Both the linear and the radial versions are available with different type of handles to choose from, to provide the maximum comfort while operating. If required, there is the option to add a range of secondary controls e.g., Indicators, lights, horn, flash and main beam, wipers, hazard lights that can be controlled from within easy reach of the gas brake lever.

    Being part of the Space Drive group means these Gas Brake Lever input devices are all fully programmable and therefore customised to the individual user through software and programming. Achieving the perfect driving solution for those with severely reduced mobility and limitations, maintaining maximum independence and mobility.

    Another option available for controlling the acceleration and braking on your vehicle is a Joystick input device, (Please see Joystick for more information)

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