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Rotational Steering Device

  • Fully adjustable
  • Bespoke grip
  • No limitations on where this can be installed
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Safe and reliable
  • The Space Drive II Mini Rotational steering device is part of the electronically (digitally) controlled input device family for the Paravan Space Drive system. This steering adaptation is suitable for those with even severely reduced mobility, who cannot operate a standard steering wheel effectively. The rotational steering device is available in two basic options: Each one is small, compact, and ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and control whilst steering a vehicle. The purpose of each device is to overcome the challenge of steering safely due to physical limitations. A selection of handles is available giving the individual customer the best, most comfortable, and secure grip possible, including Peg and Tetra grip

    Option 1: Wrist rotation control. The wrist rotation is controlled by wrist movements on a precision guide rail from which the angle of rotation can be adjusted.

    Option 2: Parabolic control: Allows digital steering using movement from the shoulder area. Suitable for severe disabilities including quadriplegics. Simple straight-line driving is achieved by precision guide rails and the device’s ability to independently return to a central position.

    Both the Wrist rotation and Parabolic controls are available with a high degree of adjustability, with lighter or heavier springs depending on the customers’ requirements. Allowing steering to be extra light that does not need much effort to operate, to heavier steering for those with reduced sensitivity.

    The rotational steering input devices are part of the Space Drive product group and are therefore all completely programmable to the individual user through software and programming. They can be fitted almost anywhere to achieve the most comfortable operation possible.

    If required, it is possible to integrate the Paravan electric gear selector system into the unit allowing easy access to gear control. In addition, a ‘bleeper’ system can be added to the peg enabling the driver to control a range of secondary functions, including, Indicators, lights, horn, flash and main beam, wipers, hazard lights. All the vehicle controls are then accessible from one compact space.

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