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Space Drive

  • Compatible with most vehicles.
  • Ergonomic design for easy driving.
  • World leading advanced technology.
  • Configurations for all disabilities.
  • Back up safety systems with triple redundant systems.
  • System can be disengaged for alternative drivers.
  • Fully adjustable if your condition should change.
  • Paravan’s Space Drive II is a world leading driving system for disabled drivers. It enables drivers with limited movement, strength or even missing limbs to be able to drive a vehicle. Controlling the brake, accelerator, steering is made possible with a range of ‘input devices’ that create endless possibilities and combinations to suit each individual user. The Space Drive system can be used as a single or a dual system, allowing either steering or gas/brake to be fitted independently, or both together for a complete solution.

    The input devices can be fitted anywhere in a vehicle providing a bespoke result for the customer. The range of input devices available consists of Joystick steering and Joystick gas brake, Gas/brake levers, Mini steering wheels, rotational input steering devices and custom-made tiller systems. Each of the input devices can be individually calibrated to suit the customer’s needs via the built-in check control or a laptop. Space Drive II also features speed dependent steering and fully programmable parameters, which enables the entire system to be calibrated to each individual driver.

    Paravan adopted a safety-first approach when designing the Space Drive II system, utilising fly by wire technology for computerised driving. The system itself has multiple redundant backup systems with two back-up systems running in parallel and its own backup battery system. This enables the driver to have full control of the vehicle, even if the car's power circuits fail. Space Drive II has been approved for use all over the world and conforms to some of the most stringent testing in the automotive industry. 

    An additional benefit of the Space Drive II system is that it can be easily disengaged allowing the vehicle to be driven by an able-bodied driver. 

    Watch the video below to see Space Drive in action.

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