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Lodgesons R207

  • Operates up to 7 secondary functions
  • Wireless technology
  • Simple to operate
  • Unique soft touch grip
  • Choice of two designs or stand alone units
  • Quick release to allow conventional operation of controls
  • Available on the Motability Scheme
  • ‘Lodgesons’ are a revolutionary range of adaptations that allow the secondary controls of the vehicle (lights, wipers, horn etc) to be operated from a keypad on the steering wheel. Developed for those who find using the vehicle’s standard controls difficult, the driver is able to perform a series of frequently used functions whilst still retaining a firm hold of the steering grip.

    The Lodgesons R207 allows the operation of up to 7 of the vehicle’s secondary functions. Lights (dip/main & flash), Indicators, Horn and Hazards*. Extremely user friendly and simple to operate. The R207’s neat, uncomplicated design is with safety in mind and proves to be exceptionally reliable. The unique soft touch steering grip provides superior comfort and is available in two different options, a quick release steering ball or alternatively, a lollipop grip. Both models feature an Illuminated back lit keypad, ideal for night-time driving. The keypad’s backlight will, after an interval, self-cancel and therefore will preserve the life of the batteries.

    The Lodgeson’s is powered by standard AAA batteries which are expected to last at least two years and feature a low battery warning light. Should the battery need changing, this can be done very easily.

    The Lodgesons R207 connects to the vehicle’s wiring system via a control box which receives signals from the device. For added convenience, both the Steering Ball and the Lollipop Grip can quickly and easily be detached from the steering wheel, enabling the vehicle to be driven conventionally by another driver. 

    *Note that not all functions are available on all makes and models of vehicle so please check with us first to determine the compatibility of your vehicle.

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