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Twin Flip Folding Left Foot Accelerator

  • Designed for those with a right leg disability.
  • An alternative to hand controls.
  • Simple, safe and effective.
  • Easily reversed.
  • Available on the Motability Scheme.
  • The Twin Flip Folding Accelerator is a simple and discreet adaptation that allows a vehicle to be driven using only the left foot to operate the floor pedals. Designed for individuals with a right leg weakness or disability, it is considered to be an alternative to hand controls and is extremely user friendly.

    Reliable and effective, this popular adaptation can be installed on almost all makes and models of vehicle with an automatic transmission with no reduction in accelerator power.

    The original accelerator pedal is modified and a second accelerator is fitted to the left of the brake pedal. Both accelerator pedals are linked via hinges together with a cable. When one accelerator is in use the other folds up out of the way. Hence the “Flip”. One flips down the other flips up. Only one pedal is in place at a time, eliminating the risk of confusion and accidentally pressing both pedals at the same time. Therefore, enabling the driver to confidently drive using the desired pedal.

    This changeover type of adaptation is easily reversible and is especially useful if another driver has access to the vehicle and wishes to drive in the conventional way. Changing over the pedal is as simple as pushing the one not needed up by hand or foot. The desired pedal will flip down into place. The pedal not in use is tucked neatly away out of sight and does not interfere with driving position. The cable itself cannot be seen once fitted into place.

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