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Pedal Guards

  • Quick release mechanism
  • Suitable for most automatic vehicles
  • Straightforward and simple design
  • Important safety feature
  • Works in conjunction with hand controls
  • Available on the Motability Scheme
  • Pedal guards are a simple and effective safety adaptation that work in conjunction with primary function hand controls and are often installed at the same time. Driving using hand controls eliminates the need to operate the foot pedals in the conventional way. A simple guard prevents the pedals being accessed. Designed for drivers who have restricted mobility in their lower limbs, or are at increased risk of involuntarily moving their legs due to muscle spasms etc, pedal guards prevent the feet getting trapped or any accidental pressing of the floor pedals whilst driving using the fitted hand controls.

    The adaptation sits in front of the original floor pedals and creates a comfortable place for the driver’s feet to rest against. Available as a single pedal guard which covers the brake pedal or double pedal guard which covers both the brake and the accelerator pedals. Often a guard is fitted to protect the brake pedal only and the accelerator is modified with a hinge, allowing the pedal to be folded up out of the way when driving with hand controls. 

    The Guards are constructed from hard wearing metal and are a robust and compact adaptation, designed for the purpose of safety whilst driving. Available for most makes and models of vehicle with automatic transmission, they are easily detachable with a quick release mechanism, allowing the vehicle to be driven in the usual way by another driver. No alteration is made to the original structure of the vehicle during installation of the pedal guards.

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