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Pedal Extensions

  • Bespoke fitment
  • Suitable for Manual and Automatic transmission
  • Quick release
  • Fully adjustable
  • Installed by certified engineers
  • Available on the Motability scheme
  • The Menox pedal extension allows pedals to be extended between 10 and 30 centimetres closer to the user. This allows a driver with shorter legs to operate either a manual or automatic transmission safely. The system enables a bespoke fit for the user as the pedals and platform height can be set at the time of installation, together with the overall position of the platform.

    The range of input movement on the pedal can also be adjusted. This will enable those with a shorter leg movement to be able to operate the full range of the pedal. We take care to ensure adjustments are fine tuned to suit each individual driver.

    One of the many benefits of the Menox pedal extension is the “quick release” mechanism allowing a quick change between the pedal extension and the vehicle's standard pedals. This versatile system is a particular benefit for those who share their vehicle with additional drivers.

    Because the Menox pedal extension is a universal solution, it can be fitted to any vehicle whether it has a manual or automatic transmission. In some instances, it is possible to transfer your pedal extension from one vehicle to another and therefore save costs when changing your vehicle. 

    The Menox pedal extension is a bespoke adaptation and would therefore need to be installed in our workshop in Driffield, East Yorkshire.

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