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Floor Mounted Left Foot Accelerator

  • For those with reduced or no right leg function
  • Incorporates a pedal guard for safety
  • Easily reversible for convenience
  • Does not affect performance
  • Suitable for most automatic vehicles
  • No alteration to the vehicle's original wiring
  • Available on the Motability Scheme
  • The floor mounted left foot accelerator is extremely beneficial for those with no or limited use of their right leg. Or even those who just find right foot acceleration awkward and uncomfortable. 

    Transferring the accelerator pedal operating position from its default location on the right of the brake pedal to the left without compromising on acceleration. The floor mounted, quick and easily release function enables the adaptation to be removed without difficulty.

    This pedal adaptation is suitable for a wide range of automatic transmission vehicles. Allowing the vehicle’s acceleration to be controlled by the left foot, ensuring the driver can maintain a comfortable and safe driving position.

    The floor mounted foot pedal comes complete with a pedal guard. This important safety feature sits over the vehicle’s original right accelerator pedal to prevent accident depression with the right foot whilst driving using the left foot to accelerate, preventing both pedals being inadvertently pressed at the same time. The left foot accelerator pedal is fitted to the left of the original brake pedal, it looks, and feels like the original pedal and retains the full range of acceleration.

    Conveniently, the floor mounted left foot accelerator is easily reversible. Its “quick release” feature allows the whole unit to be removed quickly and easily, allowing the vehicle to be driven by another driver using the original right accelerator pedal.

    The vehicle's original wiring and internal mechanisms are not altered during installation.

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