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Dual Controls and Instructor Brakes

  • Suitable for most vehicle models.
  • Can be installed in both manual and automatic vehicles.
  • Gives peace of mind to both the learner and passenger.
  • Can be easily removed when no longer required.
  • Available on the Motability Scheme.
  • Dual Controls (sometimes called Instructor brakes) are a second set of floor pedals fitted to the front passenger side of the vehicle via cables. They can be fitted to a wide variety of vehicles, with both manual and automatic transmission. For manual vehicles there is a choice of controls. brake, clutch and accelerator, brake and accelerator, brake and clutch or brake only. For automatic vehicles brake pedals are available.

    Whilst most commonly fitted to driving Instructor vehicles, they are also a valuable additional adaptation for learner drivers with a disability. The adaptation can be fitted to vehicles with disability driving adaptations fitted to the driver’s side. The dual controls allow the front passenger to intervene and take over control of the primary functions, such as the brake, should the need arise. Permitting swift evasive action is a vital safety back up to reduce the chances of an accident, ensuring peace of mind for the driver and passenger alike and giving the learner driver increased confidence as they learn to drive. 

    Dual Controls and Instructor Brakes are a completely reversible adaptation that can be easily removed when no longer required.

    Driffield Mobility are approved installers of He -Man Controls dual controls. He-Man controls are model specific and cannot be transferred to a different vehicle. 

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