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Push/Pull Brake Accelerator

  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Suitable for all automatic vehicles
  • Allows for conventional pedal operation for other drivers
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can be fitted either side of the steering column
  • Available on the Motability Scheme
  • The hand control, also known as a Push Pull Brake Accelerator, enables the driver to effectively and safely accelerate and brake by using their hands. A highly functional and popular vehicle adaptation which is suitable for all automatic transmission vehicles, including hybrid and fully electric. Pull the lever back to accelerate and push forward to brake by using a single hand.

    Particularly suitable for those with reduced strength or limited mobility in their lower limbs. Moving the pedal functions to a simple to operate, user-friendly lever attached to the steering column. It provides an ideal and economical solution to those who are unable to, or find operating foot pedal controls difficult. Conveniently, once fitted, the push/pull hand control does not prevent conventional driving. The traditional floor pedals are left in place allowing others to drive the vehicle in the usual way.

    Each unobtrusive hand control is tailored to each individual vehicle for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The lever can be fitted to either the left or right side of the steering column and will not affect the usual movement of the steering wheel, or cause interference with the driver’s air bag functionality, ensuring driver safety.

    If required, a variety of electronic secondary controls can be incorporated as optional extras. Providing Integral indicators, horn and dip switches and more.

    Driving licence codes 30 - 31 apply to this adaptation. 

    Driffield Mobility Ltd are authorised dealers for the following manufacturers of hand controls: Adaptacar, Autoadapt (Carospeed Menox), Cowal mobility, Jeff Gosling and Brig-Ayd.

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