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Autoadapt Turny

  • Can be installed into the left or right side of many vehicles.
  • No permanent modification to the vehicle.
  • As safe and comfortable as a standard car seat.
  • Remote control operation.
  • Programmable movement path.
  • Built-in footrest.
  • Available on the Motability Scheme
  • An innovative lift that moves the car seat completely outside of your vehicle, enabling you to remain seated whilst being transported in and out.

    The Turny Evo swivel seat is the ideal and practical solution for those experiencing difficulty getting in and out of their vehicle. The Innovative design allows the car seat to turn and finish completely outside of the car, it can then be lowered to the required level. Achieving a rotation of up to 113 degrees outside the vehicle and lowering up to 390 mm, ensuring an easy and safe transfer into the seat from a wheelchair, or anyone who finds getting into their vehicle a struggle. Height adjustability is just at the touch of a button, allowing a nearly always ‘downhill transfer’ from the wheelchair into the seat and vice versa making lighter work of those transfers.

    A simple and easy to use push button remote provides full control. The seat can be programmed to meet the individual needs of every user to guarantee the best, most comfortable transfer pathway and optimum leg and head room. 

    There are two model options available, the Turny Evo HD features a manual swivel whilst the Turny Evo Orbit has a powered swivel. The seat is most commonly installed on the passenger side of the vehicle, however it is also possible to install on the driver’s side in some vehicles.

    With no permanent modifications, the Turny Evo HD can be removed and the vehicle returned to its original condition. The system has undergone rigorous crash testing for proven safety and is just as comfortable as any standard car seat. 

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