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9 May 2024

Transferring Adaptations

Can I transfer my adaptations to another car?

The answer can either be yes or no, dependent on:

  • Whether you are a Motability or private client.
  • The type of adaptation that you would like to transfer.

Types of adaptations - Driving Aids


Motability will not allow driving aids to be transferred to from one Motability car to a new Motability leased car. The main reasons for this are that many driving aids and installation kits are specific to a vehicle model. These include:

    • Mechanical hand controls for brake and accelerator.
    • Electronic accelerators.
    • Pedal extensions.
    • Steering aids.
    • Remote devices for Secondary controls (such as Lodgesons devices).
    • Left foot accelerators.

As a private client, it may be possible to pay to have driving aids transferred, however it is often not cost worthy to do for several reasons:

    • Manufacturers will not provide warranty for transferred adaptations.
    • Most driving aids such as mechanical hand controls are supplied as a vehicle specific kit, so the cost of then further adapting them to ‘fit’ another car could make purchasing new a more economically sensible option.
    • Electronic driving aids such as devices for secondary controls and electronic accelerators require components that again are designed, and custom wired into a vehicle. The cost of new control units and parts will mean that it will often be more economically viable to purchase a new device manufactured specifically for the new vehicle.
    • Replacement parts may not be provided by manufacturers if they deem the system is too old and not warrantable.
    • The cost of removal from the current vehicle may offset most of the cost saved on re-using parts.

Types of adaptations - Stowage and access equipment.


Mobility in Motion Products Landscape 62 2 Way Boot Hoist

Motability will allow and financially subsidise the transfer of certain adaptations if they are under 3 ½ years old at the time of transfer and are compatible with the new vehicle.

Transferable adaptations currently include:

    • Electrically operated wheelchair/scooter boot hoists – currently zero customer contribution.
    • Chair Topper (Roof mounted wheelchair stowage system) – currently zero customer contribution.
    • Electrically operated person hoist – currently zero customer contribution.
    • Swivel seat – currently zero customer contribution.

(Transfer plates cannot be transferred from one Motability vehicle to another, due to them being vehicle specific/modified to suit a specific vehicle.)

It is important to inform Motability (and Motability Grants if applicable) that you would like to transfer adaptations before ordering your new vehicle or extending the lease on your current vehicle.

You should also ensure that your adaptation will fit in the new vehicle by speaking with your adaptation installer. If it is compatible a transfer kit will need to be input on your Motability application by your dealership’s Motability Specialist.

As a private client, you can transfer stowage and access equipment provided it is compatible with the new vehicle. Speak with your adaptations installer for advice on compatibility and any further equipment that may be needed for the transfer and installation costs will be the responsibility of the client.