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19 January 2023

The ultimate guide to choosing the right mobility scooter for you

A Mobility scooter will help you to remain mobile and independent, enabling you to get out and about whilst also feeling comfortable and safe. Whether you are looking for a mobility scooter that is compact and lightweight or luxurious and extra robust, we can help find the perfect solution for you.

Travel Scooters

If you prefer to take your scooter on longer journeys, a travel scooter is a great option. Completely robust and stylish in design, these practical scooters can be easily dismantled and fit inside the boot of a car and therefore ideal for transporting and easy to store.

A range of our travel scooters have airline friendly lithium batteries, meaning you can jet off and enjoy a break at ease. These scooters are folding and designed to be compact and lightweight making it easier to travel and move around.

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Mid-Range Scooters

Looking for an adaptable mobility scooter with a good battery range? A mid-range scooter is an ideal solution which provides comfort and versatility, perfect for shopping trips and getting out and about.

The Pride Jazzy Zero Turn 8 is one of our mid-range mobility scooters, benefitting from solid tyres for stability, independent rear turning wheels and storage, both under seat and a front basket. The Pride’s revolutionary zero-turn iTurn Technology ™, provides a turning radius of 37.25 inches, enabling you to easily move in narrow hallways, doorways and lifts.

This mid-range mobility scooter is capable of reaching 13.1 miles on a full battery charge, making it the perfect solution for day trips out. This mobility scooter can be easily transported in a matter of minutes. It can be taken apart into 5 segments, making it practical to transport in a vehicle.

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Pride Jazzy Zero Turn 8 01

Performance Scooter

Looking for a mobility scooter with ultimate comfort? A performance scooter might be for you! Reaching a maximum speed of 8mph, performance scooters can be legally driven on the road and benefit from lights and indicators, as well as other additional features such as a large adjustable captain’s seat and suspension to the front and rear.

The performance mobility scooters are an ideal option if you are looking for a robust scooter with a larger battery range. Our performance scooters have a long range up to 22-30 miles, ensuring you can enjoy your ride out on a single battery charge.

As these scooters can be driven on the road, they are required to be registered with the DVLA. There is currently no fee to register a mobility scooter with the DVLA


Excel Galaxy 11 01

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