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10 August 2023

How to choose between different types of hand controls for your car

Hand controls enable you drive your vehicle using only your hands, an ideal solution for those with limited mobility in the lower body and especially suitable for those who are unable to use foot pedals to operate a vehicle. 

Our specialist team is able to meet your specific needs by customising your hand controls to provide a custom fit to your vehicle. Each hand control system is installed by experts and is tailored to your needs and abilities to ensure the solution is a perfect fit.

Are you wondering which hand control solution would suit you best? Find out below about the different systems that we can offer.

Push pull brake accelerator system

Our most popular type of hand control is the push pull brake accelerator. This lightweight and easy to use system enables drivers to safely brake and accelerate using their hands. Acceleration is achieved by pulling the lever towards you and pushing the lever forward enables the brake, which is operated using a single hand. User-friendly levers are installed close to the steering column, enabling the driver to safely operate the vehicle.

The push/pull lever can be fitted to either side of the steering column and does not affect the movement of the steering wheel. To enable others to use the car in the usual way, the foot pedals remain in place, ensuring the most convenience for your everyday use.

Additional switches can also be added if required, including indicators, horn and dip switches. This system is fully compatible with all automatic vehicles, including hybrid and fully electric and is available on the Motability Scheme.

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Trigger Throttle

Based on the popular push/pull hand controls is the trigger throttle. A lever next to the steering wheel incorporates a ball which is pushed to brake and a trigger which can be operated with one finger to accelerate. This type of accelerator is extremely responsive. It is particularly effective for those with reduced strength and manual dexterity and helps to reduce fatigue in the hands whilst driving. A switch on the dashboard turns the unit on and off so the vehicle can also be driven as normal when the hand controls are not required.

Suitable for use on vehicles with automatic transmission the Trigger Throttle is also available on The Motability Car Scheme.

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Over-ring accelerator with push brake

An alternative to push/pull hand controls is the electronic accelerator ring.

The over-ring is fitted directly over your steering wheel and is operated by pressing down for a smooth acceleration. This system allows the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel whilst maintaining a comfortable driving position. The effort required to operate the ring is minimal reducing fatigue on longer journeys. The over-ring system has a motor reduction button, which enables the vehicle to be driven between 100% to 50% accelerator power. This unique feature is particularly useful when parking, or for learner drivers and city driving, where full accelerator power is not required. The brake lever fits closely to the steering wheel, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for the driver.

Designed by experts, the system has an additional safety mechanism in place, If the driver suddenly brakes, this overrides the acceleration of the vehicle, assuring ultimate confidence and safety for the driver.

The over-ring hand control can either be fixed or quick release, which can easily be removed for other drivers to use the car as usual. This easy-to-use hand control is suitable for most automatic vehicles and is available on the Motability scheme.

Under-Ring Accelerator

The under ring accelerator works in the same way as the over ring except that the ring is under the steering wheel. Acceleration is achieved by pulling the ring towards you and braking is achieved by pushing the separate lever away from you. A switch on the dashboard activates the ring which in turn deactivates the foot pedals. When the ring is switched off, braking and accelerating can be operated using the pedals in the conventional way. An integral hill holder is standard and extra secondary controls such as indicators, lights and horn are an optional extra.

Floor Mounted Hand Controls

These work in a similar way to push/pulls except that the lever is mounted from the floor in a vertical position. It is pulled back to accelerate and pushed forwards to brake. Vehicles with floor mounted hand controls can be driven by in the conventional way, using the foot pedals. Optional extras can include indicator, horn, lights, wipers and washers, high and low beam and cruise control, which are operated by using buttons conveniently placed on the top of the lever.

Suitable for use on vehicles with automatic transmission the floor mounted hand control system is also available on The Motability Car Scheme.

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Radial Hand Controls

The radial brake and accelerator is similar to push/pull hand controls and is operated via a lever mounted close to the steering wheel. The lever is pulled down towards the floor to accelerate and pushed away to brake. The advantage of these controls is that they are much lighter to use than standard push pull hand control, ideal for those with reduced strength. Additional buttons for auxiliary functions such as lights, indicator and wipers can be integrated into the hand held lever if required.

Suitable for use on vehicles with automatic transmission the radial hand control system is also available on The Motability Car Scheme.

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We tailor each of our solutions to the specific requirements of each driver. With over 25 year’s experience, we can adapt your vehicle to suit you and your everyday needs. We are always on hand to offer assistance and support in helping you find the right solution. To find out more, visit us or contact us to speak to our expert team.

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