Helium Pro Rigid WheelChair

The fully-welded and ultra-lightweight with the highest level of rigidity

Minimal, ultra-lightweight and completely refreshed, discover the next level of high-performance wheelchair with the QUICKIE Helium Pro.

With a fully-welded frame and fixed welded backrest and axle, the Helium Pro provides the highest rigidity and most efficient driving performance yet for a rigid wheelchair.

Starting from an impressive, ultra-lightweight 6.4 kg, the Helium Pro is uncompromised rigidity and unparalleled wheelchair performance. A true extension of you.

Helium Pro Rigid WheelChair
Proven and Durable Design

Proven and Durable Design

Made from premium frame materials like aerospace-grade aluminium and innovative processes to heat-treat the aluminium and increase its strength.

This allows the frame's tube walls to be thinner, lighter and stronger than a conventional wheelchair. The result is the QUICKIE Helium Pro - an astonishingly ultra-lightweight wheelchair with a starting weight of just 6.4 kg. But it's not just about weight, the Helium Pro is also incredibly strong and durable, supporting a maximum user weight of 125 kg!

Ultra-lightweight With The Highest Level Of Rigidity

Ultra-lightweight in design, the Helium Pro with it's welded frame and fixed axle stem provides the very best level of rigidy for the most efficient driving performance.

If you're looking for the most simple, minimalistic wheelchair design you can also have the options of a welded backrest too.

Ultra-lightweight With The Highest Level Of Rigidity

Sit back in style with the Freestyle back

Sit back in style with the Freestyle back

The innovative Freestyle Back (option) not only enhances your trunk stability, it gives you a 360 degree range of upper body motion from your wheelchair (without the restriction that's usually caused by back canes). Providing you with greater access to the rear wheels, you're able to maximise the efficiency of every push you make.

It also Increases access to the environment around you, so your usual day-to-day activities become a lot easier. The Freestyle Back perfectly compliments the ultra-lightweight design of your Helium Pro too. Choose the carbon backrest shell to achieve the lightest possible weight or if you're after additional style, select the aluminium shell that's also available in the same colour as the wheelchair frame.

Quickie Helium - Active Wheelchair

See the QUICKIE Helium active wheelchair in action with Vico Merklein, Silver Medalist at the London 2012 Games. 

More about the Quickie Helium wheelchair: http://www.sunrisemedical.eu/wheelcha...

The new Quickie Helium Generation innovates once again with new materials and technologies to achieve the ultimate performance in an extremely strong, rigid and even lighter wheelchair.

Brig Ayd