About Space Drive II

Space Drive is a system that is unrivalled in the world – a real breakthrough.

It allows persons with low residual strength, a large girth, minimum movement capabilities and even those without limbs to safely drive a car. With Space Drive, you activate the brake, accelerator, and steering wheel (and of course all the other functions) using driving aids controlled by microprocessors.

These transmit the signals in nanoseconds to two servo motors one for the brake and accelerator and another for the steering ("Drive by Wire"). We configure the single modules individually.

We readjust the software and hardware if your clinical picture changes.

The Advantages of Space Drive

  • Innovative steering control system which behaves proportionately to the speed of the vehicle.
  • Reduced steering effort and steering wheel rotation when manoeuvring in and out of parking spaces.
  • Dual safety using two systems running in parallel. Full engine power if the control circuit fails.
  • Sufficient pedal travel force in all vehicles even if the vehicle-side control circuit fails.
  • Customer specific individual parametrisation via laptop.
  • Fits into all cars.
  • 20 million kilometres driven in continual load test (hydro pulses) under extreme conditions.
  • Ergonomically relaxed driving.
About Space Drive II
Another look at the Space Drive ll

Another look at the Space Drive ll

Brig Ayd